Emulsion is the new Photo Cataloging App for the Mac.

It's powerful, flexible, supports Mapping, People... and even Aperture Plug-Ins.

I use Windows

Making it beautiful | Emulsion supports 'Adjustment Sets', which means you can put together a collection of Adjustments, and use it again and again. Emulsion comes with over 30 Adjustment sets to get you started.

People | Face recognition lets you find the photo you need. Combined with powerful searching, you'll never lose a photo again.

Details | Emulsion lets you edit the finest details in your EXIF Metadata, and of course, you can apply those changes to as many images as you want.

Batch Modifications

If you can do it once, you can do it 100 times. Take the donkey work out of applying filters and metadata changes.

Film | The Escapers love film photography, from the Nikon 35ti, to large format, we support it. Emulsion supports cloning for removal of dust spots, and even allows you to assign a Film type to a Collection.

External Editing | Not only can you use many Aperture Editing plugins, but you can open your images into awesome image editors like Intensify, and import the modified images right back into your Emulsion Catalog.

Share | Export and Share your Images to Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.


Use your photos how your camera intended. Emulsion supports all popular RAW formats including DNG.


Emulsion requires Mac OS X Yosemite, and at least 4GB of RAM.